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REVIEW of things that come into our EARS and EYES. RULE- You must say which organ(s) the review is for like…

1) Music- “This review is for the ears.” 2) Movie-“This review is for the ears and eyes.” 3) Painting- “This review is for the eyes.” 4) Furniture Design- “This review is for the eyes and ass.”

so on. We don’t want to confuse the senses.

Hotel Congress

This is our favorite place to play/stay.. This historic hotel is such a treat because the sound is good the people are friendly and you can just go upstairs to your room when the show is over which probably won’t … Continue reading

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Foals / The Upsidedown

Good times playing The Doug Fir with Foals!! Great band from Oxford, great humans, wonderful songs))) Love it ……..played the old “burning cigarette” trick on Jack’s snare drum. He was amuzed….

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Seattle show review – Neumo’s

LIVE SHOW REVIEWS ………………………. posted at Three Imaginary Girls Voyager One CD release show @ Neumos I first heard Voyager One back in 2001 and have always been curious about their live shows, and Saturday night was a perfect chance … Continue reading

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Sexy Cactus

Wow we just got back from our summer tour of California and we are sorta all blissed out because of all the cool bands we played with especially out in the desert at the “Clean Air! Clear Stars” music festival. … Continue reading

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BRMC live from the Roseland

The night THE UPSIDEDOWN opened for BRMC the people from MSN MUSIC had the room wired to the rafters with mics and cameras. I mean you couldn’t find a spot without some camera looking at you. Peter Hayes seemed a … Continue reading

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KEXP Portland Showcase

THis was a great night featuring us (THE UPSIDEDOWN), HYPATIA LAKE, THE SUN THE SEA, and VOYAGER ONE. HEY someone should post a shot of the wall of projectors providing the eye candy for the night.

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Music For Headphones

I heard a beautiful, beautiful song the other day from a band called Music for Headphones from Philadelphia. The song is called “sweetened” and it just makes me feel really really good. Here is how I describe it… You know … Continue reading

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