The Town With Bad Wiring

Our new record drops September 28th and can be purchased at fine record stores or ordered directly from Reverb Records.

Also available on iTunes here.

“a metaphorical mesh of electronics and nature” -CMJ  Read full review…

“expert combination of shoegaze, psychedelic 60s rock and blues is music to everyone’s ears” -Lip  Read full review…



We just released our latest record, Human Destination, on 180 gram 12″ vinyl. The package features the artwork of Robert Hardgrave, and now that we have it in this LARGE format you can really see how amazing it is. We keep seeing new things in it. We even decided to take our name off the cover so it didn’t distract from experiencing the art. If you are a Robert Hardgrave fan you will get another little surprise on the inside. This is the perfect companion to the record. Put on the headphones and enjoy the eye candy too.

The package also includes the full length version on CD just in case you don’t have a copy you want to play the analog vs. digital game with your friends!

If you are in or near Los Angeles, you can also get your hands on it at Origami Records and we will have them at our live shows.

The Upsidedown - Human Destination

Human Destination

The first release from THE UPSIDEDOWN since the critically acclaimed 2004 debut “Trust Electricity“.

It’s also available on eMusic and iTunes.

Made possible by BEAT THE WORLD RECORDS and.

Produced by Jeremy Sherrer and The Upsidedown. Recorded and mixed by Jeremy Sherrer at the Odditorium, Spooky Electric Studio, Jackpot, and Audible Alchemy Studio. Programming by Jeremy Sherrer. Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering Ventura, California. Band photo by Ray Gordon. Artwork by Robert Hardgrave. Art Direction by Supercloud.


brett kron: guitars, piano, vocals, synth

matt moore: guitars, vocals, harmonica, toy accordian

tristan evans: bass, vocals

sarah jane: tamborine, vocals, keys

bob graham mild: drums, vocals

jsun atoms: guitar, vocals

track listing:

  • Licorice Noir
  • Hell
  • Silver Wind -FREE DOWNLOAD
  • Human Destination
  • Umbrella
  • Light
  • Ambient 32
  • Halo
  • Ernestine
  • Black Rainbow
  • #29
  • Before Remember
  • Before That
  • Kissing the Angeles Shoes


The Upsidedown - Trust Electricity

Trust Electricity

Our debut record that started it all (the critics liked it), Trust Electricity is available at fine record stores or can be purchased on-line at Reverb Records. It is also available at iTunes and on MTV.

track listing:

  • The Way In
  • Wake Up Drive Thru
  • Blackeye Liner
  • Saint Theresa of the Roses
  • I Wish I could See You Right Now
  • Bumper Sticker
  • Walk on Fire
  • Elizabeth
  • Pepper Spray
  • Drag Race
  • Dutches of York
  • Airplane Eyes
  • Sacred Call
  • Radio Broadcast

If you like to look at stuff when you listen you can hear some samples from “Trust Electricity” here. Mouse over the stars when you get there for added surprises. If myspace is your bag check us out there to listen and add us to your friends.

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